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Mitsubishi FX3U “Servo Control” Tutorial

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Hello all of you!
PLC Mitsubishi FX3U is one of the most used PLC in the world. Low cost, easy programming method is the advantage of this PLC.

Today will guide you to use FX3U to generate pulses to control Servo motor “MR-J4-A”, which is also one of the most famous Servo motors in the world.

FX3U & MR-J4-A “Wiring Diagram”

In/Out Map Table:

  • X0: DOG (Origin) Sensor – NO Contact
  • X1: Forward Limit Sensor – NC Contact
  • X2: Reverse Limit Sensor – NC Contact
  • X4: Z-Phase (from Servo response)
  • Y0: Pulses Output
  • Y4: Direction Output
  • Y5: Servo ON Output

Mitsubishi MR-J4-A Driver Settings

Here are the main parameters that we need to pay attention to when installing Servo.

In order for Servo to operate in the simplest way, please configure the following:

FX3U Instruction Command

Here are 2 “Origin Return” commands and “Generate Pulse” command

Zero Return (Origin Return) Command
  • S1: ORG Sensor (near-point signal (DOG) input device numbe)
  • S2: Z-Phase signal input ( from Servo Motor)
  • D1: Pulse output number
  • D2: Rotation direction signal output
Absolute Pulse Output Command
  • S1: Number of output pulses (Absolute address)
  • S2: Output pulse frequency (Speed)
  • D1: Pulse output number
  • D2: Rotation direction signal output

PLC Programming

+ Servo ON & Origin Return Command

+ Servo Control Command ( 3 independent position control – Very easy )

Project Tutorial Video


Software and documents for the project

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  • Hi Admin

    the concept of servo motor and stepper motor are same in delta programming sir
    or not if not same concept do you please create the step by step programming in delta PLC

    By the way I want to tell the admin and the groups.
    that make this site that I really appreciate you
    for helping me a lot as a beginner in the industry.

    thank you

  • Thank you very much, is an amazing tutorial. Precisely at this time I was looking for how to control a dispenser with a Mitsubishi servo motor. Years ago I recommended a local company to do this job with this equipment. Today it’s my turn to do this job. You do not know how much I appreciate it, thank you very much for sharing your valuable knowledge, a hug, cordial greetings.

  • Hello sir, i want to ask for M8029, M8343, M8344, M8345, M8346, M8029, M8329. Where you have all this contact is it special contact or what? Iam really new in programming servo, can you explain to me?

  • Hello sir, i want to connect this fx3u 16m wit festo cmmb-as-04. one thing that i am confused is the z phase from mrj4a. festo driver doesnt have z phase output. how can i drive this servo driver with tish fx3u?

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