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Delta DVP-14SS2 “Servo Control” MR-J4-A Mitsubishi Tutorial

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Hello everyone. PLC Delta DVP-14SS2 is Delta’s best-selling PLC. It is super cheap, compact in size, but can control 2 axes of Step or Servo motors.

Today would like to write a tutorial on how to use Delta PLC to control Mitsubishi MR-J4-A Servo motors, this is also an extremely common type of Servo in most factories.

DVP-14SS2 & MR-J4-A Servo “Wiring Diagram”

Here is the simplest wiring diagram that can control the motor:

I/O Address Table:

+ Input:

  • X4: DOG (Origin) Sensor (Normally Open)
  • X5: Left Limit Sensor (Normally Open)

+ Output:

  • Y0: Pulses Output
  • Y1: Direction Output
  • Y2: Servo-ON Output

Mitsubishi MR-J4-A Driver Configuration

With the MR J4 configuration you need to pay attention to two main parameters:

  • PA1: Servo control mode selection > Set to “1000” to select the position control mode.
  • PA6/7: CMX/CDV: Input pulse gain ratio. Used to correct the change of the number of pulses / revolutions when issuing a command from the PLC to the Servo. The default is 1/1, which corresponds to 131072 pulses / rev.
  • PA13.PLSS: Selection of control pulse types: Default is 0100, change the following two factors to select pulse input type. Please see the table below to choose the appropriate control method:
For this project, chooses to set the following parameters:

Delta DVP-14SS2 Programming Instructions

In the project use 2 main commands which are:

Zero Return (Origin Return) Command

Absolute Pulses Output Command

PLC Programming

+ Below is a program that can control 3 points of Servo motor. Very short and simple.

Project Tutorial Video


Required software and documention:

+ Delta WPLSoft for PLC DVP14SS2 Programming

+ MR-Configurator2 for MR-J4-A Parameters Setup

If you have any questions about using DVP 14SS2 to control a stepper motor or Servo, please comment below the article, will answer as soon as I read it.

Best Regards!

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