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Delta MS300 & Visual Studio C# “Modbus RTU”

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Hello friends!
In previous articles, introduced to you how to use Visual Studio C# to connect to different PLCs to control or store data. Today will use C# to control the Delta MS-300 Series.

With this program we can easily control any inverter from Mitsubishi or other brands following the Modbus-RTU standard

Video Tutorial


Using Visual Studio to connect to a VFD has the following advantages:

+ Connects to all Mitsubishi (or Delta, Danfoss, Fuij…) VFDs: Just need the inverter to support Modbus-RTU communication standard

+ Easy customization, can store all vfd memory areas.

+ The software is completely free, can package Windows applications and use an unlimited number of computers

+ Connect, monitor, and store data quickly with just a computer, no PLC needed… saving costs and time for businesses

In addition to the parameters of the inverter installed according to the motor (frequency, voltage, current), we need to set the communication parameters as follows:

+ P00.20 = 1 (Modbus-RTU Control Frequency)

+ P00.21 = 2 (Modbus-RTU Control Motor)

+ P09.00 = 1 (Address Slave = 1)

+ P09.01 = 9.6 (9600bps)

+ P09.02 = 0

+ P09.03 = 1.0 (Time Detect Err = 1.0s)

+ P09.04 = 14 (Modbus-RTU Slection 8bit / stop bit = 1/ Even)

Control Address

>>> Motor Control Address = 2000 (hex)

+ Set Word 2000 = 18 (dec): Forward Run
= 34 (dec): Reverse Run
= 1 (dec): Stop Run

>>> Frequency Address = 2001 (hex)

Monitoring Address
  • Output Frequency = 2103 (hex)
  • Output Current = 2104 (hex)
  • Output Voltage = 2106 (hex)

I will Show Control Panel as well as 100% C# Source Code, but I do not share the Program. You need to learn for yourself to improve your skills:

Front Panel

C# Code (Windows Form)

f you don’t have time and need to program immediately, I will sell it to you for $20 USD via Paypal or USDT (Crypto).

Payment methods

+ Paypal
  • Payment via email address:
+ Crypto
  • USDT Wallet (TRC20): TBxu9tjKKZvoTkPNurYk8FYpQfENHNUnRM

You will receive the software via Email or any other method you want!

Please contact: for more details and software purchase.

Thanks and Best Regards!

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