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[Download] SKTool V6.2 & SKWorkshop 5.0.2 Samkoon HMI Software

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HMI SamKoon is a line of touch screen HMIs of China, with the strength of only researching industrial computer HMI and IPC solutions, supporting a lot of PLCs, the interface is similar to HMI Weintek, the price is also very cheap.

Today would like to share with you the HMI programming software Samkoon SK Series

+ SKTool V6.2: SK 035FE, SK 043FE, SK 043FS, SK 043HS, SK 043HE, SK 050FE, SK 050FS, SK 050HS, SK 050HE, SK 070FE, SK 070FS, SK 070HE, SK 070HS, SK 102FE, SK 102FS, SK 102HE, SK 102HS, SK 104FE, SK 104FS, SK 121FE, SK 121FS

+ SKWorkshop 5.0.2: SK 035AE, SK 040AE, SK 043AE, SK 043AS, SK 043BE, SK 043BS, SK 050AS, SK 050AE, SK 057AS, SK 057AE, SK 070AS, SK 070AE, SK 070BS, SK 070BE, SK 072AS, SK 072AE, SK 080AS, SK 080AE, SK 102AS, SK 102AE, SK 102BS, SK 102BE, SK 104AS, SK 104AE, SK 121AS, SK 121AE, SK 121FS, SK 121FE

Video instructions to install SKTool V6.2

Link Download Software

1. Download with GoogleDrive

>>> Download SKTool V6.2 Samkoon HMI Software
>>> Download SKWorkshop 5.0.2 Samkoon HMI Software
>>> Download Driver Samkoon SK-Series

2. Download with MediaFire

>>> Download SKTool_V6.2_Samkoon_HMI_Software
>>> Download SKWorkshop_5.0.2_Samkoon_HMI_Software
>>> Download Driver_Samkoon_SK-Series

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If you have any difficulty in the process of downloading and installing the software, please comment below the article, will help you as soon as you read it.

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