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Website rules of plc247.com aim to be a useful website and save time for automation engineers.

General rules:

Dear all readers of plc247.com!

The website quyluan.com was established with the purpose of helping students who go to school or working people can download automation software as well as guide people on technical knowledge, especially about setting up PLC program. A place for exchanging insights, the latest news on automation and giving each other the latest technical achievements. To avoid unfortunate misunderstandings we will:

+ Do not discuss issues related to politics.

+ Do not discuss issues related to religion.

+ No attacks on individuals or organizations.

+ Do not trade or exchange products that do not fall under the category plc247.com.

+ The article or material to write the article must be cited if not your work.

Website administration rights:

Any comment that violates the above rules will be deleted without notice.

Depending on the seriousness or not, the writer can continue to post or we are no longer allowed to participate in the interaction with the website. May all readers and members support.

Forms of interaction:

Currently, social networks such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Intergram … etc are the trend of a flat world. These are the platforms and also the standards for us to interact with the website. To put it more simply, you join the comment and share the article of the website with social networking accounts.

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