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Mitsubishi FX5U & Visual Studio C# “Data Logging” (Direct Connection)

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Hello everyone!

Monitoring and storing data is a necessary need for every factory and business. Using Visual Studio will help us connect to any PLC completely free of charge and easily store data, today will connect to the Mitsubishi FX5U Series PLC.

Today continues to guide you to connect Delta PLC from Visual Studio via Ethernet port with Modbus TCP/IP communication standard to help bring extremely fast and stable communication speed.

Visual Studio & Mitsubishi FX5U


All Mitsubishi PLCs have built-in Ethernet ports or Ethernet expansion modules that we can connect to this.

Using Visual Studio to connect to a PLC has the following advantages:

+ Direct connection, Do not use OPC / MX Component software >>> FREE

+ Connects to all Mitsubishi PLCs: Connection through built-in PLC communication ports such as Ethernet, RS232, RS485 or Expansion modules

+ Easy customization, can store all PLC memory areas, can store data when PLC Trigger or Store according to fixed time cycles.

+ The software is completely free, can package Windows applications and use an unlimited number of computers

+ Connect multiple PLCs with just one software, suitable for SCADA systems for factory management

I will make step-by-step connection tutorial articles, not share this project. If you need it, you will have to pay a small fee:

+ Make the program according to your requirements and package it into an Exe file that can be used on any computer: 30$

+ Get “Full Source Code” and user manual as well as lifetime support: 120$

Payment methods

+ Paypal
  • Payment via email address:
+ Crypto
  • USDT Wallet (TRC20): TBxu9tjKKZvoTkPNurYk8FYpQfENHNUnRM

You will receive the software via Email or any other method you want!

Please contact: for more details and software purchase.

Thanks and Best Regards!

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