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[Download] Kinco HMIware 2.5 Software

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Kinco HMI Programming Software is used to program the screens of Kinco. Kinco HMIWare software used for TP series monitors of Kinco

Since Kinco bought technology from Omron, if you have used OMRON HMI with NB-Designer software, Kinco HMIware 2.5 software will use the same.

Software-supported operating systems

+ Windows-XP

+ Windows 7

+ Windows Vista

+ Windows 8/8.1

+ Windows 10

Software installation guide video

Link Download Software

>>> Download Kinco HMIware 2.5 Kinco HMI Software

Bonus: MT500_EB500_2.6.1 Software for MT500-Series Kinco HMI

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