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Mitsubishi Electric was established on January 15, 1921, mainly focusing on the fields of project air conditioners, elevator systems, escalators, home appliances and industrial automation.

Mitsubishi PLC series are known early in life such as: F / FX Series “FX1N, FX1S, FX2N, FX3G, FX3U, FX3S, FX3GE, FX3UC, FX5U, FX3GA, FX3GC, FX3SA”, in addition to other series development as follows: iQ-R Series, iQ-F Series, Q Series, L Series, QS / WS Series, A Series.

Mitsubishi iQ-R Series

The MELSEC iQ-R Series includes a wide range of programmable controllers capable of serving a wide range of automatic control needs, designed with high-speed system bus to ensure the new MELSEC iQ-R can achieving high performance and smarter processing. Configurations include a high-performance, universal controller (embedded CC-Link IE network configuration available) capable of changing the memory capacity and a high-precision positional motion controller. Additionally, each type of CPU is specifically designed for each application requirement; Safety CPU (supports safety standards for functions), Process CPU (supports high-speed PID control and quick response to I / O modules when paired with a redundant function module creates High availability control system) and CPU C, provide C programming language for application to micro control systems or switch the program from personal computer / microcontroller conveniently More convenient.

+ Mitsubishi iQ-R Series PLC is highly scalable with program performance from 10K to 1200K steps
+ Improved controller architecture with multi CPU
+ The CPU has a built-in gigabit network port
+ The internal DB easily controls the series of formulas
+ The security agent is embedded in the SRAM hardware
+ Can control many different movements
+ Mitsubishi PLC CPUs meet international safety standards
+ High-speed PID control, module replacement while online, support the CPU with high reliability redundant system processing
+ C / C ++ programming for PC / microcontroller based systems

Mitsubishi iQ-F Series

MELSEC iQ-F Series is an upgraded version of MELSEC-F Series. Designed for user-centric control, superior control, and better positioning control, Mitsubishi’s MELSEC iQ-F (FX-5U) has been developed based on the MELSEC-F Series.

MELSEC iQ-F series Mitsubishi PLC CPU module has many built-in functions such as positioning function with 8 channels of high-speed pulse input, 4-axis high-speed pulse output; Built-in analog input and output; RS485 port, Ethernet port, SD card slot.
In addition, the MELSEC iQ-F series can keep the program intact without using a battery. Clock data can be saved for up to 10 days thanks to the supercapacitor.

Mitsubishi Q Series

Mitsubishi Q Series PLC programmable controller is a series of high quality automatic control equipment of Mitsubishi brand from Japan. With the basic instruction set also applied on other lines of programmable control, the Q Series PLC has significantly improved the performance of systems, automatic lines. Q Series PLC programmable controller enables high-speed, higher precision, more powerful data processing. In addition, PLC Q Series Mitsubishi also has other outstanding advantages such as:

+ Large memory that can store many separate work programs.
+ Meet the rigorous technical requirements of the industry.
+ Easy to change working mode.
+ Save time for control.
+ Connecting with other smart devices is easy.
+ Simple in the installation process is programming.

Mitsubishi L Series


The Mitsubishi L Series PLC is a compact controller, and is part of the MELSEC products with outstanding performance, low cost and high reliability. It provides the full range of performance, functionality and capabilities required for today’s demanding applications in one compact package. The MELSEC-L Series has significantly expanded the traditional range of functions, compact programmable controllers and easy-to-use, user-centric design.

Mitsubishi F/FX Series

Mitsubishi PLC F / FX series was born in 1981, is a type of Mitsubishi micro PLC but has many powerful features. This type of PLC has a built-in I / O on the CPU. Depending on the model, these types have different capacities and memory. Memory capacity can range from 2kStep to 8kStep (or 64kStep if external memory is attached). The total I / O can be up to 256 I / O. With the FX3U alone, up to 384 I / O is possible. The number of expansion modules can be up to 8 modules.

+ The Mitsubishi FX series PLC CPUs integrate many functions on the CPU (Main Unit) such as two-coordinate pulse output, high-speed counter (HSC), PID, real-time clock …
+ Module extends many types such as Analog, temperature, position control, network modules such as Cclink, Profibus …
+ There are expansion boards (Extension Board) like Analog, boards for standard RS232, RS422, RS485, and USB communication.
+ Programming Language: Ladder, Instruction, SFC

Mitsubishi QS/WS Series

MELSEC-QS: For medium to large-scale safety controls! Achieve flexible programming capabilities with branch control with CC-Link IE Field & CC-Link Safety and trapezoid & function blocks.

MELSEC-WS: For small to medium-sized safety controls! Easily program a safety circuit using only function blocks.

Mitsubishi Alpha Series

This type of PLC has a very compact size, suitable for applications with I / O quantity of less than 30 ports. The ALPHA series has an LCD display and keystrokes that allow to manipulate, program, modify … the program is built into the high-speed counter and interrupt (intermediate role), allowing a number of applications to be handled well. Complex applications… can be used for a number of automation applications including lighting, air conditioning, security systems, temperature, and water pump control.

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