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[Download] SATool V6.0 & SamDraw5.0 Samkoon HMI Software

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SATool V6.0 and SamDraw5.0 are HMI programming software Samkoon SA-Series models.

Samkoon SATOOL V6 is used for models

+ SA 035F, SA 043F, SA 050H, SA 057F, SA 070F, SA 070H, SA 102H, SA 104F, SA 121F, EA 035A-T, EA 043A, EA 070B

Samkoon SamDraw5.0 is used for models

+ EA 8C, EA 035A, EA 043A, EA 070B, EA 072A, SA 050A, SA 040A, SA 035A, SA 043A, SA 057A, SA 057B, SA 057C, SA 070A, SA 8A, SA 8B, SA 102A, SA 102B, SA 104A, SA 104B, SA 121A 

Detailed installation instructions video

Link Download Software

>>> Download SATOOL V6.0 Samkoon HMI Software
>>> Download SamDraw5.0 Samkoon HMI Software
>>> Download Driver Samkoon SA Series

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If you have any questions during the process of downloading, installing or using the software, will answer you as soon as you read it.

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