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[Download] ADP V6.12 & ADP V3.2 Hitech HMI Software

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Hello all of you. Today would like to share to you the link to download HMI programming software brand Hitech of Beijer Electronics.

HMI programming software Hitech latest version ADP V6.12

Used for the following models: AD1600-mono, AD1600-Color, PWS-5600S, PWS-5600T, PWS-5610S, PWS-5610T, PWS-5A00T, PWS-6300, PWS-6310, PWS-6400, PWS-6500, PWS-6560, PWS-6600S, PWS-6600C, PWS-6600T, PWS-6620S, PWS-6620T, PWS-6700T, PWS-6710T, PWS-6800C, PWS-6A00F, PWS-6A00T, PWS-6600T-S PWS-6600T-P, PWS-6600T-N, PWS-6620S-P, PWS-6620S-N, PWS-6620T-P, PWS-6620T-N, PWS-6700T-P, PWS-6700T-N, PWS-6800C-P, PWS-6800C-N, PWS-6A00F-P, PWS6-A00T-P, PWS-6A00T-N, SoftPanel.

Hitech ADP software version 3.2.03

Support for now obsolete HMI models that are no longer in production:

PWS-500S, PWS-700T, PWS-700X, PWS-1711-STN, PWS-1711-CTN, PWS-1760-STN, PWS-1760-CTN, PWS-2100, PWS-3160, PWS-3260, PWS-3261, PWS-3700, PWS-3760.

Video instructions to install Hitech ADP V6.12

Link Download Software

1. Download with GoogleDrive

>>> Download Hitech ADP V6.12 Software
+ Download Hitech ADP V6.12 Software Manual

>>> Download Hitech ADP V3.2.03 Software
+ Download Hitech ADP V3.2.03 Software Manual

Password Extract:

2. Download with MediaFire

>>> Download_Hitech_ADP_V6.12_Software
+ Download_Hitech_ADP_V6.12_Software_Manual

>>> Download_Hitech_ADP_V3.2.03_Software
+ Download_Hitech_ADP_V3.2.03_Software_Manual

Password Extract:


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