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[Download] VFDSoft V1.58 DELTA Inverters Software (GoogleDrive)

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VFDSoft V1.58 is the software used to install and configure most of the current DELTA inverters: VFD-M, VFD-E, VFD-C2000, VFD-EL, VFD-CP2000, VFD-CH2000, VFD -C200, VFD-F …

Application of the software:

+ Connect the PC to the inverter control board.

+ Adjust, set parameters directly for Delta inverter. Allows to save parameters from the drive or load parameters from a text file on the computer.

+ Test the Delta inverter using RS485 communication.ư

+ Monitor all parameters of frequency, current, voltage, and errors in the inverter.

Software installable operating systems

+ Microsoft Windows-XP SP3 (32bit Version)

+ Microsoft Windows-7 (32bit Version,64bit Version)

+ Microsoft Windows-8 (32bit Version,64bit Version)

+ Microsoft Windows-8.1 (32bit Version,64bit Version)

+ Microsoft Windows-10 (32bit Version,64bit Version)

Software installation guide video

Link Download Software

1. Download with GoogleDrive

>>> Download VFDSoft V1.58 DELTA Inverters Software
>>> Download VFDSoft Manual

2. Download with MediaFire

>>> Download_VFDSoft_V1.58_DELTA_Inverters_Software
>>> Download_VFDSoft_Manual

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