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Data types used in PLC

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When working with PLCs, you must understand very well the types of data in the PLC we are dealing with. Because it directly affects the results of programming.
For example, when you make a comparison in a PLC, you have to compare it in the same data type. It is the same as not being able to compare mass and bring kilograms to meters.

1. Bit data

This is the smallest processing unit, including two logical states 0 or 1. Some places called high, low or yes and no are the same. All current processors work in this unit.

2. Byte data

The byte is a sequence of 8 bits.

3. Data in Word format

Word is a sequence of 2 Bytes or 16 Bits. A common form of data in data processing.

4. Data in Double Word format

Double Word is a sequence of 2 words, equivalent to 4 bytes or 32 bits

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