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[Download] GT Desinger2 – GT Works2 Mitsubihsi HMI Software

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Gt-Designer2 software is Mitsubishi’s old HMI design software. The touch screen lines HMI Mitsubishi applies to GT Designer 2 are: F900, A900, and GOT1000.

GT-Designer2 software has been released for a long time, so it can only be installed on 32bits operating systems. If you are using 64bits operating system, please download the GT-Works3 software and install GT-Desiner2 Classic integrated in GT-Works3

Detailed installation guide for GT-Designer2

+ Step 1: Download GT-Works2 software and extract it with password

+ Step 2: Right-click on GT-Works2 software and select Mount

+ Step 3: Select the software you want to install, GT-Works2 software package includes the software

GT-Designer2, GT-Simulator2, GT-Converter2, GT-SoftGOT2, GT-Manual

I chose to install GT-Designer2 first

+ Step 4: Proceed to enter the key taken from the text file Key_Install

+ Step 5: Waiting for the software will install extremely quickly

OK, got it Done, other software in the GT-Works2 package you install similar

Link Download GT-Works2 ( 32bits Windows Only )

>>> Download GT-Works2 / GT-Designer2 with GoogleDrive

Password Extract:

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