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Drive ES Basic is a software for starting, parameterizing, optimizing and diagnosing Siemens actuators (DriveMonitor / SIMOCOM U). The Drive starters (DriveMonitor; SIMOCOM U / A, Starter) have the full range of components in Drive ES Basic, thus allowing the user to deal with the actuators at the same time as Siemens automation engineering. The management data of both the automatic and the technical drive match. That ensures normal data storage. With the Drive ES software, the Siemens actuators are fully integrated into the TIA.

The Drive ES Basic V5.6S SP1 package includes the following software:

+ Drive ES Basic Maintenance Shared Components V05.06.01
+ DriveMonitor V05.05.02
+ DriveMonitor HF V05.05.02
+ DriveMonitor Readme V05.05.02
+ MICROMASTER 4xx V05.04.04
+ Simadyn D V05.04
+ SimoCom U V14.03.01
+ SimoCom A V05.05.02
+ SIMOREG V05.04.03.00_00.00.00.87
+ SIMOVERT V05.05.00.00_00.00.01.75
+ SipLink V05.04.03.00_00.00.00.10

Functions of Drive ES Basic:

+ Processing the list of drive parameters

+ Download settings parameters

+ Compare the settings parameters

+ Upload the settings parameters

+ Basic logic functions that instruct the start-up

+ Start instruction technical functions

+ Diagnostics such as error memory and alarms, PROFIBUS diagnostics, monitoring logging and evaluation

Detailed software installation instructions video

Software Download Link

1. Download via GoogleDrive 

>>> Download Drive ES Basic Maintenance V5.6 SP1 Siemens

2. Download via MediaFire 

>>> Download_Drive-ES_Basic_Maintenance_V5.6_SP1_Siemens

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