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Weintek MT8071iE & YASKAWA V1000 “Modbus-RTU” Tutorial

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Yaskawa V1000 inverter is an extremely famous inverter in the world, this is a multi-purpose inverter with many outstanding advantages.

Today would like to guide you to use HMI Weintek MT8071iE to connect Yaskawa V1000 inverter control via Modbus RTU communication

Wiring Diagram MT8071iE & V1000 VFD

Inverter Parameter Configuration

Here are the basic communication parameters we need to set

Command Data

+ Control Run (0001H)

  • Set 0001H = “1” >>> Forward Run
  • Set 0001H = “2” >>> Reverse Run
  • Set 0001H = “0” >>> Stop

+ Set Frequency: (0002H)

Monitor Data

+ 0024H = 36 (dec)

+ 0025H = 37 (dec)

+ 0026H =38 (dec)

Weintek MT8071iE . Communication Configuration

We choose communication for MT8071ie according to inverter with parameters (9600/8/1/E)

Screen Design

When using Weintek HMI for Modbus-RTU communication, we have to add the register address 1 unit.

For example in this project the frequency register is 0002H + 1 = 0003H


Detailed programming instructions

+ Forward Button

+ Reverse Button

+ Stop Button

+ Setting Frequency

+ Output Frequency

+ Output Voltage

+ Output Current

Detailed Instruction Video


Software and supporting documentation

+ EasyBuilder-Pro for HMI Weintek MT8071iE

+ YASKAWA V1000 Manual PDF (password:

If you have any questions, please comment below the article, will answer as soon as I read it.

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