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Omron E5CC “Modbus RTU” via Modbus Poll

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E5CC is an Omron thermostat that is extremely popular in factories. E5CC also supports RS485 which is convenient for taking temperature remotely to monitor suitable temperature for smart factory. Today I will guide you to use PC to connect and export data (Excell or Text file) from E5CC.

We need to use Modbus Poll software (3MB, download link at the end of the article) and USB to RS485 cable

E5CC “Modbus RTU” Wiring Diagram

You connect according to the following diagram, can be up to 32 stations, if the communication distance is long, you need to use a 120Ω terminal resistor.

E5CC Parameters Setting

Please set the parameters according to the table below:

Register for Modbus RTU

>>> Temperature Setting Address = 2103 (Hex)

>>> Read Present Value Address = 2000 (Hex)

Modbus Poll Programming

+ Set Temperature E5CC #1

+ Set Temperature E5CC #2

+ Read Temperature Response #1

+ Read Temperature Response #2

Installation Instruction Video and Excell Report

Below is a video on how to install Parametes E5CC, run the program as well as export data via text, excell files.


Software & Documents Reference

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