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Hi. In the previous article, showed you how to use PLC Delta to control many inverters of different brands. Today I will continue to guide you to use DVP-14SS2 PLC to control DELTA VFD-M Inverter.

Delta VFD-M inverter is a type of inverter used extremely commonly in factories because of its competitive price but extremely good quality, along with RS485 communication support built into the RJ11 port.

DVP 14SS2 & VFD-M Connection Diagram

You are looking to buy Jack RJ-11 (phone jack) to connect the VFD-M inverter.

VFD-M Parameters Setting

In order for VFD-M to be controlled by Modbus-RTU, we need to set the following communication parameters (I choose data type 9600/8/E/1)

+ Pr00: 03 (Control Frequency via RS485)

+ Pr01: 04 (Control Motor via RS485)

+ Pr88: 01 (Slave Address)

+ Pr89: 01 (9600bps)

+ Pr92: 04 (8bit/1bit/Even)

+ Pr157: 01 (Modbus-RTU)

Register For Control Motor

+ Motor Control Address = 2000 (Hex)

  • Set 2000 (Hex) = 0000.0000.0001.0010 (Bin) = 18 (dec) >>> Forward Run
  • Set 2000 (Hex) = 0000.0000.0010.0010 (Bin) = 34 (dec) >>> Reverse Run
  • Set 2000 (Hex) = 0000.0000.0000.0001 (Bin) = 1 (dec) >>> Stop

+ Setting Frequency Address = 2001 (Hex)

Register For Data Monitoring

+ Output Frequency Address = 2103 (Hex)

+ Output Current Address = 2104 (Hex)

+ DC-BUS Voltage Address = 2105 (Hex)

+ Output Voltage Address = 2106 (Hex)

PLC Delta DVP-14SS2 Modbus Configuration

WPLSoft supports communication configuration as shown below:

After configuring the above table, the software will automatically create the program as below

PLC Programming

+ Read/Write Distribution

+ Write Frequency Data

+ Control Motor Command

+ Read Data Monitoring

Video Tutorials


Software & Documentation

+ Delta WPLSoft DVP PLC Programming Software

+ DELTA VFD-M Manual PDF Download (Password:

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