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The new series PLC FX3U is the third generation in the FX-PLC family, a compact and successful PLC from Mitsubishi Electric.

With extremely powerful processing speed, only 0.065µs time on a single logic instruction, along with 209 built-in instructions and continuous improvement especially for position control. The new PLC series also allows extended communication via USB, supports Ethernet port and RS-422 mini DIN Programmable Port. The extensive network functionality enables this PLC to increase the maximum interconnectivity in I/O up to 384 I/O, including I/O units over the network.

Download FX3U Manual PDF

1. Download with GoogleDrive

>>> Download FX3U Hardware Manual
>>> Download FX3U 20SSC H Manual
>>> Download FX3U ENET ADP Manual
>>> Download FX3U FX3G Analog Control PDF
>>> Download FX3U FX3G FX3S Basic Applied Instruction PDF
>>> Download FX3U FX3G FX3S Positioning Control PDF

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>>> Download_FX3U_Hardware_Manual
>>> Download_FX3U_20SSC_H_Manual
>>> Download_FX3U_ENET_ADP_Manual
>>> Download_FX3U_FX3G_Analog_Control_PDF
>>> Download_FX3U_FX3G_FX3S_Basic_Applied_Instruction_PDF
>>> Download_FX3U_FX3G_FX3S_Positioning_Control_PDF

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