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Inovance MD200 VFD “Setting Tutorial”

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Inovance inverter is a versatile mini inverter series, widely applied in the market. The outstanding advantage of this line is good quality, durable and stable operation. MD200 stands out for its competitive price in the market. This is also the product that is preferred by most customers because it ensures quality criteria and brings high economic efficiency.

Today will guide you to control the inverter by using the keypad on the inverter and control the inverter by I/O Terminal and External Rheostat.

Wiring Diagram

VFD Factory Reset recommends that you Reset the inverter to default before reinstalling the inverter (it is not necessary for a new inverter), we do the following:

+ Set FP-01 = “1” >>> VFD Reset Default

Inovance MD200 Basic Parameters Setting

Here are the basic parameters we should install for the Inovance MD200

Inovance MD200 Internal Control

When we need to test the inverter, or use simple applications, we can use the inverter’s built-in keyboard to set the frequency and control it.

Inovance MD200 External Control

Also if we want to control the inverter by external devices, we can use PLC, Switch, Relay and External variable resistor to control it, we choose to set the following parameters:

Project Video Tutorial


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If in the process of installing and using the Inovance MD200 inverter you need any support, please comment below the article, will reply to you as soon as I read the comments.

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