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KV5500 + KV LV21V “Modbus” DELTA VFD-M Tutorial

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In the previous article, showed you how to control the DELTA VFD-M inverter with different HMIs and PLCs, you can see the article at the link below.

Today I would like to continue to guide you to use PLC Keyence (KV5500 + Module KV-L21V) to control VFD-M inverter via Modbus

Connection Diagram

VFD-M Inverter Communication Configuration

In addition to the basic inverter setting parameters, we need to set the communication parameters as follows:

  • Pr00: 03 – Set Frequency by RS485
  • Pr01: 04 – Start/Stop control by RS485
  • Pr088: 01 – Modbus Slave Station #1
  • Pr089: 01– Baud Rate 9600bps
  • Pr092: 04 – MODBUS RTU ( E, 8,1 )
  • Pr157: 01 – Modbus Mode

Modbus Address List

Addresses to receive write commands from PLC

+ Start/Stop control register: 2000H >>> Set Value folow to below:

  • Run Forward (FWD): = 18 (0000.0000.0001.0010)
  • Run Reserved (REV): = 34 (0000.0000.0010.0010)
  • Stop: = 1 (0000.0000.0000.0001)

+ Frequency Setting: 2001H


Monitor Status signal read registers

In the project I read 4 values:

  • 2103H: Output Frequency
  • 2104H: Output Current
  • 2105H: DC-BUS Voltage
  • 2106H: Output Voltage

Keyence KV-L21V Communication Configuration

PLC Programming

Reset data when starting PLC

Communication Distribution

Frequency Setting Write

Inverter Control Start/Stop

Command to read Status Monitor

Save Read Data ( Save Error Code if have Issue)

Detailed Instruction Video


DELTA VFD-M Inverter User Manual >>> Download Here

If you have any problems during the implementation of this project, please comment below the article, will answer you as soon as I read it.

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