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SigmaSelect Servo Sizing is the software used to select Yaskawa Servo types in accordance with the mechanical structure that the machine uses.

Belt Drive
A rotary motor coupled to a timing pulley that drives a flexible toothed belt, with its
coupled load, back and forth between two idler pulley guides

Ball Screw
A ball screw is coupled to a rotary motor and causes relative linear motion between a rotating screw and its non-rotating nut.

Chain and Sprocket
A chain and sprocket is a rotary motor coupled to a sprocket wheel that drives a linked chain, with its coupled load, back and forth between idler sprocket guides.

Linear Motor
Linear motors are either iron-core and ironless motors that directly create linear thrust.
Their separate sections (coil and magnet channel) produce relative motion between a carriage and its base along linear bearing guides.

Roll Feeder
A Roll Feeder is a mechanism that continuously feeds material through rollers.

Rotational Table
A rotational table is a mechanism where the primary load is moving rotationally. There is no mechanism coupling the load to the motor/transmission.

The crank mechanism translates rotational motion of the crank arm into reciprocating
linear motion via a connecting rod

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>>> Download SigmaSelect Servo Sizing Yaskawa

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