IoT protocols – Part10 NEUL

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Today continues to introduce to you a completely new protocol used to design applications in the field of IoT. Neul protocol

Similar to Sigfox and operating in the 1Ghz band, the goal is to provide a low-cost wireless network with typical features: high scalability, high coverage and extremely low energy consumption. Neul uses the Iceni chip, which in the media uses “the white space radio” to access the high-quality UHF band currently available due to the transition from analogue television technology to digital. The communication technology is called “Weightless”, ie a wide area wireless network technology, designed for IoT applications, directly competing with existing solutions such as GPRS, 3G, CDMA. and LTE WAN. Data rates can range from a few bits per second to 100kbps on the same link, and especially with this technology, the device can consume very small power, from 20 to 30mA from 2xAA batteries, ie can be used from 10 to 15 years with the battery.

Specifications of Neul

+ Frequency range: 900MHz (ISM), 458MHz (UK), 470-790MHz (White Space)

+ Distance: 10Km

+ Transfer rate: from several bps to 100kbps

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