IoT protocols – Part4 6LoWPAN

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In the previous article, together with you, learned about Z-Wave. Today, please continue to learn about: 6LoWPAN.

What is 6LoWPAN?

6LoWPAN stands for IPv6 protocol over low-power wireless PANs

6LoWPAN was developed by the Internet Engineering Task Foce (IETF), which enables data transmission over IPv6 and IPv4 protocols in low-power wireless networks with point-to-point (P2P) network structures. : point to point) and mesh. The standard is set to specify the characteristics of 6LoWPAN – allowing for widespread use in IoT applications.

The difference of 6LoWPAN compared to Zigbee, Bluetooth is: Zigbee or bluetooth are application protocols, and 6LoWPAN is a network protocol, allowing the regulation of message encapsulation and header compression. In particular, IPv6 is the successor of IPv4 and provides about 5 x 10 ^ 28 addresses for all objects in the world, allowing each object to be a specific IP address to connect to the Internet.

Designed to send IPv6 messages over the IEEE802.15.4 network and extended IP standards such as TCP, UDP, HTTP, COAP, MQTT and Websocket, which are standards that provide end-to-end nodes, enabling The router connects the network to the IP.

Basic technical standard of 6LoWPAN

+ Standard: RFC6282.

+ Frequency: (adapted and used over a variety of other networking media including Bluetooth Smart (2.4GHz) or ZigBee or low-power RF (sub-1GHz).

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