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Siemens S7-1200 Firmware Download (All Version)

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Hello friends! Today will guide you to Update Firmware for PLC Siemens S7 -1200 in the simplest and easiest way, along with that you can download all Firmware Versions of S7-1200 at the bottom of the article.

Why Need Upgrade Firmware Siemens S7-1200

  • Over time, Siemens has upgraded and released many software versions, along with new PLC versions.
  • Each PLC S7-1200 Version will be upgraded with one or more additional features.
  • Currently TIA Portal V17 will support PLCs with versions from V4.0, V4.1, V4.2, V4.3, V4.4, V4.5
  • Therefore, in order for the PLC to fully function with all features and be compatible with the latest TIA Portal software (currently V17), we need to update the firmware to a new version for the S7-1200 PLC products if they are not yet available. must be the highest version.
  • Note: Firmware updates are not required if those versions are already supported by the TIA Portal software and the programmer’s use of the Project is not lacking in functionality.

Firmware Upgrade Guide for PLC S7-1200

Attention: During the firmware upgrade for PLC S7-1200, make sure that there is “no POWER LOSS” during the upgrade, and make sure that the Ethernet cable connecting between the PLC and the PC is working properly.

+ Step1: Open the TIA Portal software and go to “Online & Diagnostics” >>> “Firmware update” >>> “Browse”

+ Step2: Select the Right Model of your PLC and the Firmware Version you want to upgrade (Link to download all Versions at the bottom of the article)

+ Step3: Select “Run update” >>> “Yes”

+ Step4: Wait for Firmware to be loaded into “TIA Portal” Software

+ Step5: After loading the software will proceed to upgrade the firmware for PLC S7-1200, “do not lose power or lose connection at this time”.

+ Step6: Click OK when the S7-1200 Firmware upgrade is completed

+ Step7: Choose “Yes” to continue

+ Step8: Done

Download S7-1200 Firmware Update (Google Drive)

+ Download S7-1200 Firmware V2

+ Download S7-1200 Firmware V3

+ Download S7-1200 Firmware V4.2

+ Download S7-1200 Firmware V4.3

+ Download S7-1200 Firmware V4.3.1

+ Download S7-1200 Firmware V4.4

+ Download S7-1200 Firmware V4.5 & V4.5.1

+ Download S7-1200 Firmware V4.6

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If the S7-1200 Firmware Upgrade download link is broken, please comment below the article, will fix the link as soon as I read the comment.

Thanks and Best Regards!

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