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[Download] TPEditor V1.97 for HMI Delta Software (GoogleDrive)

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TPEditor V1.97 is software programmed for Delta’s Textpanel keypad buttons for TP series, especially for touch screen series TP70P series.

HMI models supported by the software:

TP70P 16TP1R, TP70P 21EX1R, TP70P 22XA1R, TP70P 32TP1R, TP70P RM0, TP70P RM1, TP70P RM2, TP02G AS1, TP04G AS2, TP04G AL, TP04G AL2, TP04G BL C, TP04P, TP08G BT2, TP04P 32TP1R, TP04P 32TP1T, TP04P 16TP1R, TP04P 16TP1T, TP04P 22XA1R, TP04P 22XA1T, TP04P 21EX1R, TP04P 21EX1T, Screen keyboard inverter VFD-C keypad, TP05G-BT2, TP08G-BT2.

Operating Systems

+ Mircrosoft Windows XP

+ Mircrosoft Windows 7

+ Mircrosoft Windows 8

+ Mircrosoft Windows 8.1

+ Mircrosoft Windows 10

Detailed installation instructions video

Link Download Software

1. Download with GoogleDrive

>>> Download TPEditor V1.97 HMI Delta Software

2. Downlaod with MediaFire

>>> Download_TPEditor_V1.97_HMI_Delta_Software

Password Extract:


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