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[Making Cable] PLC Panasonic Programming Cable

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The Panasonic PLC is a relatively inexpensive PLC with a compact size that we often find in packaging machines and simple applications. To connect to Panasonic PLC we can use the built-in RS232 port or USB / Enthernet port with newer models.

Today would like to share with you how to make a Panasonic PLC programming cable via RS232 port with easy and fast links.


1. MiniDIN-5P Male jack

You can buy or get an old-fashioned mouse / keyboard with P/S 2 port (6 legs cut off 1 leg)

2. Jack port COM-DB9 Female

Proceed to make the cable

With Panasonic PLC / HMI cable you solder the cable according to the following diagram

With this Cable, has done and tested with Panasonic PLC / HMI, it works well, download speed is fast and stable.

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