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[Making-Cable] Mitsubishi SC09 PLC Programming Cable

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Two types of cables are common for Mitsubishi PLCs. The first is the one with an 8-pin round end that can be used for all types of FX series plc, the other end out to COM DB9 or a USB port to connect directly to a computer. The second type is available on some newer series of plc such as FX3S, FX3G, FX5U includes 1 mini USB for connecting to PLC, the other end is USB for connecting to computer.

In this article, I will guide you to make 1 Cable used to connect to PLC FX-Series quickly and easily.


1. MiniDIN-8P Male jack ( Plugs into the Mitsubishi FX-Series PLC )

2. Jack port COM-DB9 Female ( Connect to a computer )

3. Resistor

Have you prepared a 500-Ohm or 1000-Ohm (1K) resistor


You conduct cable welding according to the following chart has made this cable successfully and has tried to work with the PLC like a genuine USB-SC09 cable. You guys just do it right as this is the activity

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