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[Download] ASDA Soft V4.08.09 DELTA Servo Software

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ASDA Soft V4.08.09 is the software used to configure the old DELTA Servo’s including models: ASDA-A / A+ /AB / B / A2 / B2 series

Issue Date: 2013/10/09

Supported operating systems ASDA Soft V4.08.09

+ Microsoft Windows-XP SP3 (32bit Version)

+ Microsoft Windows-Vista SP1 (32bit Version)

+ Microsoft Windows-7 (32bit Version, 64bit Version)

+ Microsoft Windows-8/8.1 (32bit Version, 64bit Version)

+ Microsoft Windows-10 (32bit Version, 64bit Version)

Detailed software installation instructions video

Link Download Software

>>> ASDA Soft V4.08.09 DELTA Servo Software

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