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Mitsubishi FX5U “Servo Control” MR J4 A Tutorial

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In the previous article, showed you how to use FX5U to control Yaskawa Sigma 7 Servo Motor, today I will continue to guide you to use FX5U to control Servo Mitsubishi MR J4 A Series

Below is the connection diagram between FX5U and MR J4 A in the simplest way so that you can easily get used to it, after mastering you can use other high-level function pins of Servo.

Mitsubishi FX5U & MR J4 A Servo “Wiring Diagram”

I/O Address Table
  • Input
    + X0: Org Sensor
    + X1: Forward Limit Sensor
    + X2: Reverse Limit Sensor
  • Output
    + Y0: “Pulse Output”
    + Y4: “Direction Output”
    + Y5: “Servo ON/OFF”

Mitsubishi MR-J4-A Parameters Setting

For MR J4 A Driver we need to install the basic parameters as below (you can use the key on the Driver or use the MR-Configurator2 software, which can be downloaded below the article)

  • PA1: Servo control mode selection > Set to “1000” to select the position control mode.
  • PA6/7: CMX/CDV: Input pulse gain ratio. Used to correct the change of the number of pulses / revolutions when issuing a command from the PLC to the Servo. The default is 1/1, which corresponds to 131072 pulses / rev.
  • PA13.PLSS: Selection of control pulse types: Default is 0100, change the following two factors to select pulse input type. Please see the table below to choose the appropriate control method:

You can Copy the parameters below I used for this project

FX5U Pulse Train Output Configuration

Mitsubishi FX5U Programming Instructions

+ “Zero Return” Instruction

+ “Increment Pulse Output” Instruction

+ “Absolute Pulse Output” Instruction

FX5U “Special Relays & Registers”
FX5U “Pulse Output Configuration”

+ High Speed I/O Setting

+ Input Response Time

FX5U “Servo Control” Programming

+ ON/OFF Servo & Zero Return Command

+ Jog Command

+ “Control Position” Command

Detailed Instruction Video


Software and documents for the Project

+ Mitsubishi GX Works3 Software Free Download
+ Mitsubishi MR J4 Servo Software Download

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