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[Download] MR-Configurator2 Version 1.70Y (MR-J3/J4/JE/JN)

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Hello friends! Today would like to share to you the Mitsubishi MR-Configurator2 Version 1.70Y which is the latest version up to the present time.

This is the full version from Mitsubishi, so you can rest assured to use with full features

Name of the software: MR-Configuraotr2 V.170Y

Model: SW1DNC-MRC2-_

Support setup and configuration of Servo

+ MR-J4-GF(-RJ), MR-J4-A(-RJ), MR-J4-B(-RJ), MR-J4-B-LL, MR-J4-B-RJ010, MR-J4-TM

+ MR-J3-B Extension funtion, MR-J3-B, MR-J3-B(S) Fully closed, MR-J3B- Linear, MR-J3-B DD Motor, MR-J3-T, MR-J3-A



Supported operating systems

+ Microsoft Windows 10 32/64-bit

+ Microsoft Windows 8 32/64-bit, Microsoft Windows 8.1 32/64-bit

+ Microsoft Windows 7 32/64-bit

+ Microsoft Windows Vista 32/64-bit

+ Microsoft Windows XP SP3

Instructions for installing MR-Configurator2 1.7 software in detail

+ Step 1: Download the software to extract it with the password

+ Step 2: After successful decompression, run the setup file

+ Step 3: Enter Key when asked

+ Step 4: Check user information, select Next to start installing software

+ Step 5: Please wait a moment

+ Step 6: After the software is successfully installed, select Finish

We have successfully installed the MR-Configurator V1.70Y software

List of Servo that the software can work

Instructions for installing software by video

Link Download MR-Configurator2

>>> Download MR-Configurator2 1.7Y with GoogleDrive

Password Extract:


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