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[Download] MR-Configurator2 Version 1.41T + 1.55H (GoogleDrive)

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In the previous article, shared with you the MR-Configurator software used for Mitsubishi MR-J2 / J2S Servo series.
Today continues to share with you the MR-Configurator2 1.41T + 1.55H software for the new Servo servos such as MR-J3 / MR-J4 / MR-JE / MR-JN

Instructions for installing the software with images

+ Step 1: Download and extract the software with password (download link at the bottom of the article)

+ Step 2: Go to the first MR-Configurator2-1.10L folder (requires installation of 1.41T before installation)

+ Step 3: Run the setup file to start the installation

+ Step 4: Proceed to enter Key when asked (get Key from Key_Setup file)

+ Step 5: Check the information, then select Next to begin installing MR-Configurator2 software

+ Step 6: Wait for the installation process to take a few minutes

+ Step 7: Select Finish when the installation of version 1.10L is complete

+ Step 8: Next, go to the MR-Configurator2-1.41T folder to proceed with the software upgrade

+ Step 9: Run the Setup file and install the same as the 1.10L installation steps

Software upgrade process completed

+ Step 10: We have the MR-Configurator2 Version 1.41T software

Software installation video

Link Download Software

>>> Download MR-Configurator2 Ver1.10L with GoogleDrive

+ Download MR-Configurator2 Ver1.41T Upgrade with GoogleDrive

+ Download MR-Configurator2 Ver1.55H Upgrade with GoogleDrive

Password Extract:


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