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[Download] STEP7 V10.5 – TIA PORTAL V10 (GoogleDrive)

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TIA Portal V10.5 is used for programming a completely integrated system, not just like before, but the link between PLC, HMI, SCADA also makes the problem complicated.

STEP7_V10.5_Basic is the first software used to program S7-1200 PLC to replace the old PLC S7-200

If you only need to program S7-1200 PLC, just download this software is enough, because installing TIA_PORTAL will take a lot of time and need a fairly strong computer configuration

Note: TIA PORTAL V10.5 only works on 32bit operating systems

Hardware required

+ CPU: Pentium4, 1.7 GHz or comparable

+ RAM: 1GB or Higher

+ Graphics: 1024*768

Video tutorial on programming with Step7_Basic_V10.5

Instructions for activating the STEP7 software

+ Step 1: Open SIM_EKB_Install software with Run as administrator

+ Step 2: Follow the 4 steps as shown below to activate

Link Download STEP7_V10.5_Basic (520MB)

>>> Download STEP7_Basic_V10.5 with GoogleDrive

>>> Download SIM_EKB_Install_2020_2_29 with GoogleDrive

Password Extract:


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