IoT protocols – Part5 Thread

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Following the series of articles on the protocols that electrical engineers need to know when designing IoT applications, today and you continue to learn about: Thread.

Thread is a new IP protocol, based on the IPv6 network designed specifically for automation in buildings and homes. It is not a favorite protocol for applications in IoT problems such as Zigbee or Bluetooth.

Launched in mid-2014 by Theard Group, the Thread protocol is based on various standards, including IEEE802.15.4, IPv6 and 6LoWPAN, and provides an IP-based solution for IoT applications. Designed to work with Freescale and Silicon Labs chip products (which support the IEEE802.15.4 standard), especially capable of handling up to 250 nodes with high authentication and encryption. With a simple software upgrade, it allows users to run Theard on current IEEE802.15.4 supported devices.

Basic technical standard of Thread

+Standard: Theard, based on IEEE802.15.4 and 6LowPAN.

+ Frequency: 2.4GHz (ISM)

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