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[Tutorial] Omron CP1W-CIF41 Read IP Address on PLC

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With the industrial revolution 4.0 going on, Ethernet is an extremely popular communication standard in the industry, with omron small PLCs such as CP1E, CP1H, and CP1L, the CP1W-CIF41 expansion module is an option. helps our PLC to have Ethernet

The default address of the CP1W-CIF41 Module is, but sometimes you have to repair an existing PLC module with the changed address, you cannot log into the Enthernet Module to configure and connect connect to another device

Today will guide you to find the IP address of the CP1W-CIF41 module via the USB port of the PLC in the simplest way.

Step 1 – Use the USB cable to read the PLC program

Step 2 – Enter Memory to find the registers with each of the following PLCs

OMRON PLC CP1E: (Only Port.2)
+ IP Address: D1303 & D1304
+ Subnet: D1305 & D1306

+ IP Address: D32003 & D32004 (CPU30/40/60) / D32303 & D32304 (CPU14/20)
+ Subnet: D32005 & D32006 (CPU30/40/60) / D32305 & D32306 (CPU14/20)

+ IP Address: D32303 & D32304
+ Subnet: D32305 & D32306

Note: After reading the value you have to change from HEX to DEC to read the IP address and Subnet

Video instruction to read CP1W-CIF41 IP address in detail

So guided you to read the IP address of the CP1W-CIF41. If you need any assistance with OMRON PLC series please comment below

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