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[Download] KGLWIN V3.66 LS PLC Programming Software

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KGLWIN V3.66 is a software used to program LS Mater-K series PLCs (formerly LG Glofa, LS is a separate LG company specializing in industrial sectors)

Although the software has been released for a long time, this is the latest version for PLC Master-K / Glofa series programming. It supports programming of the following model:

+ Master K: K10H, K30H, K50H, K60H, K200H, K500H, K1000H

+ Master K: K10S, K30S, K60S, K120S, K120S€, K200S, K300S, K100S, iS7

+ GK series: GK3 GK4 GK5

Software installable operating systems

+ Windows XP

+ Windows 7

+ Windows 8

+ Windows 8.1

+ Windows 10

Software installation guide video

Link Download Software

>>> Download KGLWIN V3.66 LS PLC Programming Software

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