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[Download] GMWIN V4.18 LG/LS Glofa PLC Software

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GMWIN V4.18 is a programming and debugging software tool for all GLOFA-GM PLCs. GMWIN is capable of simultaneously editing and debugging multiple programs and providing simulation functionality to maximize user convenience. And the user can choose the language that is easiest to apply for the system among different programming languages ​​such as LD, SFC, IL.

It is easy and convenient to program using symbols and memory assignment of program variables automatically or according to the user’s specification. And using various programs included in a PLC system, a user can create a program and test it easily and conveniently.

Features, characteristics

+ Test and debug simulation program without a PLC

+ Editing, monitoring, and debugging using variable symbols and names

+ Supports automatic memory allocation

+ The compiler sets the variable locations automatically

+ Optimization (PLC code) by compile method

Detailed installation instructions video

Link Download Software

>>> Download GMWIN V4.18 LG/LS Glofa PLC Software

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