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[Download] EasyBuilder Pro V6.04 Weintek HMI Software

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After 16 years of development, Weintek’s leading Software R&D Group never stops upgrading EasyBuilder, a powerful software that greatly simplifies visual project editing and supports a wide variety of protocols Communication: Ethernet / IP, Modbus TCP. Users are guaranteed to communicate with peripherals easily and complete project designs quickly in the shortest possible time.

EasyBuilder Pro V6.04 supports programming almost all of its Hmi Models included:

+ IP Series : MT6051iP / MT8051iP, MT6071iP / MT8071iP, MT6103iP, MT8102iP, TK6051iP, TK6071iP, TK6071iQ, TK8071iP

+ eMT Series: eMT3070, eMT3150, eMT3120 / eMT3150

+ IE Series: MT8050iE, MT6070iE, MT6071iE, MT8070iE / MT8100iE, MT8071iE / MT8101iE, MT8073iE, MT8102iE, MT8103iE

+ XE Series: MT8090XE / MT8091XE, MT8092XE, MT8121XE / MT8150XE

+ cMT Series: cMT3072, cMT3090, cMT3103, cMT3151, cMT-SVR, cMT-G01, cMT-G02, cMT-HDMI

+ mTV Series: mTV-100

Operating system software support

+ Microsoft Windows Vista

+ Microsoft Windows 7

+ Microsoft Windows 8

+ Microsoft Windows 8.1

+ Microsoft Windows 10


Instructions for installing current Model HMI TK6071IP, TK6071IQ, TK8071IP, TK6051IP

Link Download Software

1. Download via GoogleDrive

>>> Download EasyBuilder Pro V6.04 Weintek HMI Software

2. Download via MediaFire

>>> Download_EasyBuilder_Pro_V6.04_Weintek_HMI_Software

Password Extract:


If during the process of downloading and installing as well as using the software, if you have any difficulty, please contact

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