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[Download] GX-Works2 Mitsubishi PLC Software (GoogleDrive)

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Hello! Today would like to share to you the GX-Works2 software. This is an upgrade and replacement software for GX-Developer software with many new features for programming!

GX-Works2 software has additional programming languages ​​such as FBD (Function Block Diagram), SFC (Sequential Function Chart)

If you do not need to use the connection with FX5U PLC, the GX-Works2 software is fully featured and the installation capacity is small.

Supported operating systems

+ Windows-XP , Windows Vista

+ Windows 7

+ Windows 8 / 8.1

+ Windows 10

Video for installing GX-Works2

Instructions for installing GX-Works2 with images

+ Step 1: Download and extract GX-Works2 software with password

+ Step 2: Go to GX-Works2 Version 1.560J folder

+ Step 3: Run the setup.exe file and select OK

+ Step 4: Click Next to continue the software installation

+ Step 5: Open the Key-Install file and proceed to enter the Key

+ Step 6: You can choose to install additional GX-Developer software or not

+ Step 7: Choose Destination Location

+ Step 8: Wait for the installation process to take several tens of minutes

+ Step 9: Select Install to install Device

+ Step 10: After the installation process completes, select Finish

Open the software and enjoy

Software Installation Instruction Video


Link Download GX-Works V1.560J (906MB)

>>> Download GX-Works2 V1.560j with GoogleDrive
Update: >>> Download GX Works2 V1.601B Upgrade Version

Password Extract:


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