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[Tutorial] Mitsubishi VFD FR-E700 Setup

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Hello all of you! The Mitsubishi FR-E700 Series inverter is one of the most popular inverter types on the market today. Its low price, high quality, and compact appearance have satisfied any customer who uses it

Today will guide you to install the FR E700 inverter in a simple way so that the motor can run.

Instructions for Reset + Setup FR-E700

+ Step 1: Reset Default VFD

Press PU / EXT for the PU lamp to light up > Mode > Turn the crown > ALLC – Set “1”

+ Step 2: Set Parameter

  • P77-Parameter write selection: “0”
  • P160-User group read selection: “0”
  • P1-Maximum frequency: “60Hz”
  • P2-Minimum frequency: “0Hz”
  • P3-Base frequency: “50Hz”
  • P4-Multi speed setting (high speed): “60Hz”
  • P5-Multi speed setting (middle speed): “3Hz”
  • P6-Multi speed setting (low speed): “10Hz”
  • P7-Acceleration time: “6s”
  • P8-Deceleration time: “6s”
  • P9-Electronic thermal O/L relay: Set follow Motor Current
  • P82-Motor excitation current: Set follow 1/2 Motor Current
  • P80-Motor capacity: Set folow Motor Power
  • P83-Rated motor voltage: Set folow Motor Voltage
  • P84-Rated motor frequency: Set folow Motor Frequency
  • P79-Operation mode selection: “0”
  • P71-Applied motor: “3”
  • P72-Applied motor: “4”
  • P150-Output current detection level: “115%”
  • P22-Stall prevention operation level: “115%”
  • P251-Stall prevention operation level: “1”

Video instructions to install the VDF FR-E720 in detail


If you have any difficulties during the installation process of Mitsubishi’s FR-E700 Series inverter, please comment below a few posts. will reply you as soon as you read it

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