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Omron E5CC & Visual Studio C# “Modbus RTU”

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Hello friends!
Temperature control and monitoring is an almost common application appearing in every factory as well as home. In the previous article, guided you to use many types of PLC/HMI to control Omron E5CC Controller.

Today will use Visual Studio C# to monitor and control Omron E5CC, we can easily store data without spending much money.

Video Demo


E5CC & PC “Wiring Diagram”

You connect according to the following diagram, can be up to 32 stations, if the communication distance is long, you need to use a 120Ω terminal resistor.

E5CC Modbus RTU Parameters Setting

Here are the communication parameters to be installed for the E5CC (You can watch the video below for details)

Registers Address Table

+ Temperature Setting Address = 2103 (hex) = 8451 (dec)

+ Temperature Present Address = 2000 (hex) = 8192 (dec)

C# Program Code

If you don’t have time and need to program immediately, I will sell it to you for $20 USD via Paypal or USDT (Crypto).

Payment methods

+ Paypal
  • Payment via email address:
+ Crypto
  • USDT Wallet (TRC20): TBxu9tjKKZvoTkPNurYk8FYpQfENHNUnRM

You will receive the software via Email or any other method you want!

Please contact: for more details and software purchase.

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