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Keyence KV3000 & Proface HMI “RS232 Connection” Tutorial

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Proface is a Japanese company specializing in manufacturing HMI touch screens, born in 1972 and now has 28 factories and agents worldwide.
Proface products are widely used in industries around the world. Proface HMI screens are trusted and rated very well thanks to their high quality.

An advantage of the Proface line is that it can be used in many other environmental conditions: wet environments, harsh working environments or places with strong and frequent vibrations.

Today will guide you to connect Proface HMI with Keyence KV3000 PLC via RS232 communication simply and quickly.

Proface HMI & Keyence KV3000 “Wiring Diagram”

PLC Keyence KV3000 “RS232 Configuration”

Keyence KV3000 default settings.

Proface HMI to Keyence KV3000 “Configuration”

Project Video Tutorial


+ Proface GP-ProEX V4.09 Software Download
+ Keyence KV-Studio PLC Software Download

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