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Keyence KV3000 & Kinco HMI “RS232 Connection” Tutorial

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The Kinco brand is extremely good due to the use of advanced technology from European countries. In particular, it specializes in manufacturing devices with modern designs, so there is the appearance of HMI screens in the production of this brand. This type of device is easy to install, easy to use, and connects people with other machines quickly. If you want to use this HMI screen, just choose the correct capacity and buy from a reputable place and you will definitely be able to buy a genuine Kinco HMI screen.

Today will guide you how to use HMI Kinco Model MT4414TE (other similar models) to connect to Keyence KV3000 PLC via RS232 port (RJ11) that the PLC has built-in.

Kinco HMI & Keyence KV3000 “Connection Diagram”

+ Communication connection diagram between Keyence KV3000 PLC and Kinco HMI

PLC Keyence KV3000 Setting

Kinco HMI to PLC Keyence KV3000 Configuration

Below are the settings for Kinco HMI to connect to PLC Keyence

Video Tutorial


+ Download KV Studio for PLC Keyence Software
+ Download HMIWare for HMI Kinco Software

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