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DELTA MS300 VFD “Setting Tutorial”

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DELTA is a manufacturer of inverters with good quality and reasonable price. Currently, the MS300 inverter was born with the main purpose of replacing the VFD-EL and VFD-E inverters. Therefore, today will guide you through basic installation with the inverter’s keyboard and potentiometer modes as well as external control such as PLC or Relay, buttons.

Connection Diagram

Reset Default VFD

If you use an old inverter configured for a certain motor, we should Reset the VFD to default parameters and reset it from where, we do the following:

+ Set P00.02 = 9 (Base Frequency 50Hz)

+ Set P00.02 = 10 (Base Frequency 60Hz)

DELTA MS300 Basic Parameters Setting

The following are the minimum parameters we should install for the inverter:

MS300 Internal Control

In order for the inverter to be as simple as possible, we can use the button and the built-in potentiometer on the inverter to control it, suitable for testing the inverter and motor.

MS300 External Control

This is the most common application of the inverter, we can use PLC, Relay or Button to control the inverter with this mode. Along with that, we can also use an external potentiometer to control the speed flexibly.

Detailed Video Instructions

Below is the most detailed video on how to install and run the inverter


>>> Download DELTA MS300 VFD Manual PDF

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