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LS iG5A VFD “Setting Tutorial”

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The LS IG5A inverter is a compact and economical inverter series, the LS – IG5 series inverters are powerful and optimized for performance. It meets the needs of customers in applications: Communication, PID control, space vector, PWM,…

Today I would like to guide you to install the LS iG5A inverter from the most basic steps, so that everyone who is new to the inverter can install it in the shortest time.

LS IG5A “Connection Diagram”

Parameters Groups

VFD Reset Default

I recommend resetting the inverter before installing with a new motor (unless the new inverter has never been used).

>>> Set H93 = 1 >>> Reset all Parameters to factory default value

LS iG5A Basic Parameters Setting

We only need to install a few basic parameters below and the inverter can work

iG5A VFD Internal Control

Use the Keypad of the inverter without any additional equipment or wires.

iG5A VFD External Control

You can use switches, relays, PLCs, external potentiometers to control the inverter flexibly.

Video Tutorial


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