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[Download] ZEN-SOFT01 OMRON Software (GoogleDrive)

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ZEN-SOFT01 is the PLC program of Zen Omron PLC. Zen is a small PLC of Omron but still meets many applications in programming such as traffic light control, production lines, lights, automatic doors …

Advantages of ZEN OMRON:

+ Using AC power 200-240VAC

+ Relay type output high current, up to 8A (220VAC) and 5A (24VDC)

+ Can be programmed either manually or using software

+ Cheap, durable …

Video instruction for using Zen-Soft01-v4.11 software

Link Download ZEN-SOFT01-OMRON (488kB)

ZEN-SOFT software is extremely small (488kb) you download and can be used immediately

>>> Download Zen-Soft01-Omron with GoogleDrive

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