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Yaskawa V1000 Setup Tutorial

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Yaskawa V1000 inverter is a series of inverters with compact design, easy parameter setting, stable and reliable operation, high efficiency. Comply with international environmental standards (RoHS, CE, UL) .

Today would like to guide you to install Yaskawa V1000 inverter in the simplest and fastest way, helping everyone save maximum time when working with this inverter.

Yaskawa V1000 “Wiring Diagram”

Below is the connection diagram of the inverter’s control circuit:

Yaskawa V1000 Reset Default

  • Set A1-03 = “2220 >>> VFD Reset (External Control Mode)

Basic Parameters Setting

Here are the most basic parameters of the inverter to be installed:

Yaskawa V1000 Internal Control

Used to test motors, or simply simple applications that do not need to be controlled by peripheral devices.

Yaskawa V1000 External Control

Using potentiometers, relays, buttons, PLCs and peripheral devices to control the VFD

Detailed Instruction Video


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