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Autonics TK4S & Weintek MT8071iE “Modbus-RTU” Tutorial

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Hello everyone!

Before that, made 1 Series of instructions for using different devices to control connection of Omron Temperature Controller E5CC via “Modbus-RTU” Communication.

Today I would like to continue to guide you to control another temperature controller, Autonics TK4S-Series. And first I will use the Weintek MT8071iE HMI monitor to connect the TK4S control directly.

TK4S & MT8071iE “Wiring Diagram” use MT8071iE COM.3 port along with connectivity (8bit /Even /Stop bit = 1)

Autonics TK4S Communication Setting

To set Modbus communication parameters for TK4S we need to go to Parameters 4 (Par4) of the clock to set the following parameters:

+ PAr 4

  • AdrS = 1 (Address Slave)
  • bPS = 9.6 (Baudrate)
  • Prty = EvEn (Parity Check)
  • StP = 1 (Stop bit)
  • rSy.t = 20 (Comm. Response time)
Register Setting Temperature Address

+ Function: 06

+ Setting Value (SV) Address: 0000 (hex)

Register for Temperature Monitoring

+ Funtion: 04

+ Present Value (PV) Address: 3E8 (hex)

Weintek MT8071iE Modbus Configuration

MT8071iE Programming

+ Control Panel

+ TK4S #1 Temperature Setting

+ TK4S #2 Temperature Setting

+ TK4S #1 Temperature Monitoring

+ TK4S #2 Temperature Monitoring

Video Tutorial


Recommended software and documentation

+ EasyBuilder Pro for HMI Weintek Programming Software

+ Autonics TK4S Communication Manual PDF


If you have any difficulties in connecting the HMI MT8071iE and the TK4S controller, please comment below the article.

Thanks and Best Regards!

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