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[Download] EasyBuilder Pro V6.06 Weintek HMI Software

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EasyBuilder Pro is a software for designing and programming most of Weintek’s HMIs. This is one of the most used HMIs in the world because of its low cost but high quality and full communication standards with most PLC and VFD brands.

EasyBuilder Pro V6.06 is the latest version as of the time of writing this article. With this version you can open any Project of lower versions, if your version is low, you cannot open the higher version.

Supported operating systems

+ Microsoft Windows Vista

+ Microsoft Windows 7

+ Microsoft Windows 8/8.1

+ Microsoft Windows 10/11

+ Microsoft Windows Sever

Video tutorial for software installation

This is a detailed installation instruction video


Software Download Link

1. Download via GoogleDrive

+ Download EasyBuilder Pro V6.06 Weintek HMI Software

2. Download via MediaFire

+ Download_EasyBuilder_Pro_V6.06_Weintek_HMI_Software

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If the download link is broken, please comment below the article, will fix the link as soon as I read this article.

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