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Weintek MT8071iE “Modbus RTU” LS iG5A VFD Tutorial

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Hello everyone, Weintek MT8071iE is an extremely popular HMI in factories, very cheap price but high quality comes with full support of connection ports.

Today would like to guide you to use MT8071iE to control LS iG5A inverter via Modbus RTU communication standard (supports control up to 32 inverters with distance up to 1200m)

Connection Drawing MT8071iE & LS iG5A

You connect according to the diagram below, use twisted pair if the communication is long distance

LS-iG5A Inverter Configuration

From LS documentation we have below communication parameters

Please install with me with the parameters below:

+ Drv: 3

+ Frq: 7

+ I59: 0 (Choose Modbus-RTU)

+ I60: 1 ( Station Number)

+ I61: 3 (9600bps)

+ I62: 0

+ I65: 2 (Even/1)

Register Modbus Address

Looking at the table above, uses the following parameters:

  • 5 (Hex) = 5 (Dec) >>> Setting Frequency
  • 6 (Hex) = 6 (Dec) >>> Run Command
  • 9 (Hex) = 9 (Dec) >>> Output Current
  • A (Hex) = 10 (Dec) >>> Output Frequency
  • B (Hex) = 11 (Dec) >>> Output Voltage

Weintek MT8071iE Communication Configuration

We need to configure the same communication parameters as the inverter

Weintek MT8071iE Programming

– Human Interface Design

– Design Details

+ Setting Frequency

+ Run Forward

+ Run Reverse

+ Stop Run

+ Read Output Frequency

+ Read Output Voltage

+ Read Output Current

Detailed Instruction Video


Software and supporting documentation:

If you have any difficulty, please feel free to comment below.

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