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PLC Inovance “Servo Control” Delta B2 Tutorial

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Continuing the Series using many different PLCs to control Servo Delta ASDA-B2, today continues to guide you to use PLC Inovance to control it.

The PLC model used is H3U-3232MT (all PLC Inovance Output Transistors support Servo/Step control), in this project uses Axis-1 of the PLC.

PLC Inovance & Delta ASDA-B2 “Wiring Diagram”

I/O Address Table
  • Input
    + X0: Origin Sensor
    + X1: CW Limit Sensor
    + X2: CCW Limit Sensor
  • Output
    + Y0: Pulse Output
    + Y3: Direction Output
    + Y4: Servo ON/OFF

Delta ASDS-B2 Servo Parameters Setting

In order for the Delta ASDA-B2 Servo to receive high-speed control pulses from the PLC, we need to set the following communication parameters:

PLC Programming Example

+ Axis Origin Recover

+ Axis Jog Process

+ Axis Position Control

Project Video Tutorial


>>> PLC Inovance Programming Software Download
>>> Delta ASDA B2 Servo Manual PDF Download

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